Tirana, 14.06.2013


The Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mr. Xhezair Zaganjori held a meeting in his office with the Ambassador of Greece in Tirana, Mr. Leonidas C. Rokanas, who was accompanied in this meeting by the Deputy Ambassador Mr. Alxios Zannos.

During this meeting, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expressed his gratitude to the Greek Ambassador for his visit, expressing his will to further continue the cooperation in the field of justice, and especially that of the judiciary. Appreciating the fact of being neighboring countries with similar traditions, Mr. Zaganjori emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences on expert levels, given the increase of the quality of the Unified Decisions and the professional growth of the judges. According to him, such relations with neighboring countries that are members of the European Union would provide the Albanian judiciary with a concrete aid in achieving the required levels of performance, especially in strengthening the rule of law and the protection of human rights and liberties.

The Greek Ambassador confirmed the importance of such a cooperation, which should not remain only in the official level, but it also should maintain continuous contacts rendering service to the increase of cooperation among Albania and Greece in the field of justice. After briefly describing the judicial system in his country, Mr. Rokanas expressed his willingness for a cooperation that will now spread in different levels, mainly in the formation and training of new judges through the support to the School of Magistrates. he offered the support of the Greek government, via the Greek Embassy in Tirana, to make possible the utilization of EU programs in support of the Albanian Judiciary.


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