Tirana, 10.06.2013


A delegation of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey, met on Monday with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Albania, Mr. Xhezair Zaganjori, and other members of this Court. The delegation consisting of Deputy President of the Court Mr. Alparslan Altan, Justice Hicabi Dursun, Justice Celal Mümtaz Akinci, Advisor Ayhan Kiliç, were accompanied at this meeting by the President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bashkim Dedja.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court held that it was a special pleasure for him to meet with the delegation of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey, highly praising the relationship between the two countries and peoples. He added that this relationship, above all, has in its essence, the cooperation among the two most important courts of the judiciary in a democratic country. Mr. Zaganjori noted the importance of the exchange of experiences between the institutions of justice, especially emphasizing that “such visits and meetings with high representatives of from the judiciary of a friendly country, contribute to the exchange of views and experiences on the best example of rule of law as well as the increase of the quality of work, integrity and professionalism of judges.”

According to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the insofar cooperation but the following one as well, is above all at the service of the citizens of both countries, which should have maximum trust in the institutions of the judiciary, but in the best interest of the region as well. Countries like Turkey and Albania, which face the important challenge of integration in the European Union, must take forward the initiated reforms with the aim of achieving this common goal.

The leader of the delegation, Mr. Alparslan Altan expressed his appreciation of the progress made so fare in the field of justice in Albania, supporting the Chief Justice’s argument that both countries ought to work hard in order to integrate in the great European family. According to him, these meetings have in their foreground the bilateral exchanges of experiences specific to each of the countries, which provide both parties with the best experiences from one another. The independence of the judiciary should be a priority above the rest, as it has special significance for Albania and Turkey Justas it has for the rest of the developed countries.

Later on during the discussions, the members of the Supreme Court presented the Turkish delegation with the functioning of the judicial system in our country and the Supreme Court specifically, putting emphasis to the latest amendments to the law. They expressed their interest in further cooperating in the framework of professional training of judges, taking into account the Turkish experience, as well as the organization of regional conferences on Constitutional or Supreme Court hearings.


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